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People who participated in my breathwork sessions share their experiences.

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I have changed, I see life and things differently. 

Nadezda Videvik – (Success & Experience Story)

After Breathing sessions guided by Raimond, I can say confidently that Breathwork has significantly changed my life. I have changed and I see life and things differently. I feel lighter and freer, and I can function better.

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My most powerful experience so far has also been the strangest.

Janno Rillo – (Experience Story)
District Manager

I’ve attended Raimond’s breathing sessions quite many times now, and I can assure you that this method works successfully, even on individuals with a more rational outlook like mine. I had tried various breathing techniques before, but with Raimond, I appreciate his ‘gentle’ approach the most …

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16 hours of breathwork has changed my quality of life more than anything else ever has.

Daire Jahnson – (Success & Experience Story)
A Medic, Entrepreneur

Breathwork has had an incredible impact on me – it has brought so much joy, peace, space, and new perspectives and thoughts into my life. Every single day is filled with positive emotions and new discoveries. Significantly fewer triggers. I laugh so much more, and… my quality of life has changed immensely.

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Marger 1

Free from grief - stepping into confidence!

Marger Ratassepp – (Success & Experience Story)
Client Operations Manager

In my first and second Breathwork sessions, the most profound experience was that I saw myself at my father’s funeral. I experienced that same moment. I was there completely alone, observing his casket, and I felt how I finally let him go.

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Conscious Connected Breathwork is life changing.

Terje Telling – (Success Story)
Content creator, Gym owner, Event host, Stylist

In just a few months, I have resolved so many stuck emotions, fears, and pain. I didn’t even know I had so much of it inside me! Before Breathwork, I believed I was in a much better place with myself. I thought that I had resolved a lot of issues already. I had, superficially, but not on a nervous system level.

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I am calmer and more centered; the world seems a beautiful place.

Virge Vahesalu – (Experience Story)
Project manager, Entrepreneur in Arts

For me, the process is still ongoing, and it amazes me. I would’ve never believed that it was this easy to change your state of consciousness where the body takes over and starts processing.

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madli allikas

A week has passed, and I still find it hard to put it into words. LIBERATING

Madli Allikas – (Experience Story)

Finally, when I stood up, my whole body was pure. I was like a clean sheet for several days. My head is empty, I understand what I must do, where I must go, and what my future path and choices are. It doesn’t seem so complicated anymore. I felt super gentle for four days, and my chest felt like there was no chest in front of my heart, and my heart is just tremendously open. Sleep is super sweet, and to just think … It was only the first time.

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Free from 30 years of guilt and grief!

Kristjan Kallas – (Success & Experience Story)

During the second to last, eighth session with Raimond, I took it with me to my breathing session. I went deep into that day, felt it at the bottom of my soul, tears pouring. I had time (about 1.5 hours), nowhere to escape, and no reason to, because if not now, then when. The session ended, everyone shared their experiences, except for me, as my …

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