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People who participated in my breathwork sessions share their experiences.

“After Breathing sessions with Raimond, I can say confidently that Breathwork has significantly changed my life. I have changed myself and now see life and things differently. I feel lighter and freer, and I can function better.

What Raimond conveyed and what I experienced is invaluable to me!”


Nadezda Videvik

Breathwork has worked really well, and I have experienced tangible results from that. It has significantly reduced stress and brought balance.

Changes started happening really fast in my everyday life, at about 3-4 sessions. And then, on the 4th-6th session, I experienced pure limitless happiness. It was complete bliss.

Raimond has said that 10 sessions is an optimal input. I think it is completely reasonable because that’s when you start to realise what is actually happening during breathing and in relation to it.

You have to take the cold plunge and practice breathwork, and what I’ve learned from both is the skill of surrender. The direct benefit of breathwork has been stability and organising my thoughts.


Margus Voll
Entrepreneur, Film colorist

What I have experienced in Breathwork has touched me indeed deeply. Through breathing, I rediscovered my true nature again. The session was one of acceptance and allowing, an experience similar to which is hard to recall. I regained my zest for life. Through the process, I experienced that my feelings and emotions were allowed and accepted, even by the outside world. I am grateful because, for the first time, I was able to experience firsthand something that I have tried to offer to others rather than myself – unconditional acceptance and understanding. The sessions give a taste of what it feels like to be truly allowed to feel. I passed through deep layers within myself, broke down walls, dared to go beyond emotions and be spiritually naked.

Big thanks to Raimond, with whom it’s possible to grow and be in a space filled with understanding, acceptance, peace, balance, and love for human nature. The session helps delve deep within oneself, showing the light and the way again. Breathwork is a journey one would want to experience again and again … endlessly, to reach an even more profound peace and love for oneself and the world. These journeys are life-changing!

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Eliise Tiidussalu
Child Welfare Specialist

“Looking back, I began to change my life since the first session, and so far I have learned to trust my intuition better, and to take bolder steps. Breathwork circles have helped me get in touch with my true self, which is a very precious gift.”

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Annabel Martin

“I’ve attended Raimond’s breathing sessions quite many times now, and I can assure you that this method works successfully, even on individuals with a more rational worldview like mine.”

Janno Rillo

I am so grateful that I started my journey with Raimond from Prana Breathwork; I would not be where I am today: Confident, in clarity and lightness, moving towards my dreams.

Thanks to breathwork, I have regained the joy of life, the lightness, the peace of mind, the courage, the confidence, the gratitude, the sense of love, the peace, and the realization of what I need, want, and desire! The determination and ideas to move towards my dreams! And most importantly, I have got my sleep back, without nightmares and horrors.

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Triinu Leppik

“I can admit, those 16 hours of breathwork have changed my quality of life more than anything else ever before –  I’ve found so much joy, peace, space, and new interesting perspectives and thoughts. There are so many good emotions and new insights every day. And a hell of a lot fewer triggers. I laugh a lot more, and my quality of life has changed tremendously.
What Raimond does and how he holds the space is wonderful.”
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Daire Jahnson
A Medic, Entrepreneur

“The big emotions were released around the fourth or fifth breathwork session. After that, I started to feel like my brain was changing. I started noticing other things about myself and also about the outer world.

Because of Breathwork, I have had significant changes in two areas of life: my private life and work. On a personal level
I have become very calm. I am no longer irritated by people. I communicate freely and calmly. I am always on a neutral level. A lot of positive things have happened at work in the last three months purely because I have become more confident. Through breathwork, I have let go of things about myself, which has allowed it to happen.
Breathwork is the best investment ever!”
Marger 1

Marger Ratassepp
Client Operations Manager

“A week has passed, and I still find it hard to put it into words. LIBERATING!

“For me, it exceeded all expectations.
 I was like a clean sheet for several days. My head is empty, I understand what I must do, where I must go, and what my future path and choices are. It doesn’t seem so complicated anymore. I felt super gentle for four days, and my chest felt like there was no chest in front of my heart, and my heart is just tremendously open.”
madli allikas

Madli Allikas
Yoga teacher

To mark the beginning of spring, I went to cleanse and ground myself in a Conscious Connected Breathwork session yesterday. I went without expectations but had an experience that brought me complete peace and balance. It was the best thing that could have happened to me during an intense study period. Raimond holds space so well and is the best supporter. I am sure that Breathwork will become a good friend of mine.

Heidi Liblik

Heidi Liblik

“For me, the process is still ongoing, and it amazes me. I would’ve never believed that it was this easy to change your state of consciousness.
On the same day, I felt like I had run a marathon, but in my head and soul.

Today, after three days, I felt joy, peace, and confidence. After just one session, I can control myself better and don’t lose my temper so quickly. I am calmer and more centered; the world seems a beautiful place.”

Virge Vahesalu
Project manager, Entrepreneur in Arts

This work was something I never expected. Raimond held the space very skilfully thus creating a trusting environment. That, combined with excellent breathing technique guidance, culminated in a deep, insightful experience so vast that it’s difficult to describe in words. That was a true consciousness-expanding session right there. I’m truly grateful for being part of it. Totally recommend it!

Ramon Nahkur

Ramon Nahkur

I have had several individual and group sessions with Raimond. I appreciate him highly primarily because he creates a safe space where all feelings and experiences are welcome.

Raimond is like a knowledgeable guide who helps me navigate my inner landscapes smoothly. He recognizes and senses the moment exactly when a person needs support and always offers it in the most uncompelling way. 

In general, I am rather sensitive, if not to say picky, about any kind of music. At this point, I applaud the selection of music that Raimond plays during his breathing sessions. It is beautifully on point. 

Marten Kuningas

Marten Kuningas

“Conscious Connected Breathwork helps us achieve this presence, this connection with ourselves. Not just during the session. I see changes strongly in my daily life.

Priorities fall into place. It feels good and easy to be in my own body. There is a sense of seeing the big picture, clarity of mind. There are many moments when I am a neutral observer rather than someone with emotional outbursts. Surprisingly, situations and people that used to irritate or upset me no longer do so.

I worry much less and trust life.”

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Terje Telling
Content creator, Gym owner, Event host, Stylist

It was my first breathwork with Raimond and definitely not the last one.

I am so amazed at what this work is doing with our body, mind, and spirit. I can’t believe what layers you can access with this. Breath – so simple, yet so profound and deep.

The way Raimond holds the space is so beautiful and secure. I can’t recommend this work with him enough, you have to experience it on your own. Full gratitude, thank you, Raimond.”

Triin Laas

Triin Laas

“With Raimond’s help, I completed quite a few conscious breathing sessions, and I can sum it up as follows.

As a result of breathing: 

  • you work with your subconsciousness, or, to be precise, your subconscious works for you, you just observe
  • you get to know your body and mind from a completely new perspective
  • your stress and anxiety levels decrease
  • you replenish your body and mind’s energy resources
  • you learn to trust and just be.

Practicing mindful breathing with a friend or partner is a great way of taking your relationship to the next level.

Peedu Kass

Peedu Kass
Musician, pedagogue, composer

I did not expect anything when I did my first Breathwork session with Raimond. There are many different practices where a person can go deep within. I am usually the one who lacks the imagination to feel the shift or magic. Breathwork was different, it just took me deep right away.

It’s quite amazing what you can access by just controlling the way you breathe. So many locked-down emotions and traumas to face, and all is done in a very safe and cared environment.

I have done 3 sessions with Raimond and every time, the “trip” was new. I felt very much like in my personal library, where I could choose books to read to try to understand them. After each session, I felt calmness, gratitude, and more myself than I have ever felt. I felt safe and looked after, and it’s such a valuable sensation to have when dealing with sensitive stuff.

There is no hocus pocus; it just works!

Kerttu Tennokene

Kerttu Tennokene
Entrepreneur, yoga instructor

Grateful for this beautiful experience of conscious breathing with Raimond. Very well-held space and I was able to fully relax and feel vulnerable.

He helped me through some challenging emotions that rose in the process, so that I was able to let go. My energy shifted straight away to a more empowered state where I could feel the ‘magic’ of things not seen behind the veil of my everyday life.

I rediscovered the power of breath, our amazing tool of healing that we were born with. Looking forward to the next session and will bring friends and family, if possible. Thanks a lot!”

Elisabeth Sau

Elisabeth Sau
Graphic designer

Be open and ready to receive – and Raimond will guide you through a restorative breathwork.

I felt instantly confident that Raimond really knows what he’s doing – being close while maintaining a discreet space.

I went through the whole spectrum of emotions – from sadness to laughter and multiple feelings in between. I also got to let go of a hurting memory that clearly had been stored somewhere deeper than in the analytical mind.

I personally could also feel activation on a deeper neural level – pulsating energy, rewiring my inner system.

I highly recommend Raimond’s breathwork to anyone. Without expectations and surrendering under his guidance, you’ll be feeling restored, relaxed – and most importantly, aligned.”

Ida Hiltunen

Ida Hiltunen

While breathwork has been a powerful tool to calm my nervous system, a great facilitator makes all the difference in the world.

I have found Raimond’s facilitation exceptional in helping me relax my body, expand my breathing capacity, and access deeper levels of peace and clarity. He is truly gifted and exceptionally talented as a breathwork facilitator. I highly recommend working with him.”

Ryan fix

Ryan Fix
Creative director, teacher