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I have changed, I see life and things differently. 

Nadezda Videvik – (Success and experience story)

I knew this much about Breathwork that during the session, various reactions could occur in the body. Since I didn’t know exactly what the breathing session was and also knew that some processes within it simply could not be controlled, it all seemed quite frightening. On top of that, I wondered how I would open up in the midst of strangers. How would others react, and what would they think of me? – That was the biggest barrier for me in approaching Breathwork.

However, I was at a stage in my life where I thought I could use something new that I hadn’t yet tried or knew of. This outweighed the fear that resided within me.


I came to Breathwork for two main reasons.

First, I had experienced a lot of violence as a child. I felt that the childhood trauma I had experienced held me back in life because the same behavioral patterns recurred. I sought help for this concern from a psychologist, but I did not get any. Maybe I just encountered the wrong psychologist. Breathwork has been significantly more effective for me than visiting a psychologist, and in general, I prefer using Conscious Connected Breathing as an assisting tool.

The second reason was a toxic relationship that repeated these patterns. When I decided consciously to step out of it, it brought along a very complex emotional state that I couldn’t shake off. My mind said one thing, but a very strong and strange emotion said the opposite. It bothered me so much that I gathered the courage and came to Raimond for a breathing session. Through Breathwork, I finally got rid of that emotion, too.

For me, Breathwork has been a fantastic experience.

The first experience was so powerful. Right from the beginning of the session, I felt as if a door within me was opening, revealing my deeper emotions and thoughts. Further into the breathing process, I experienced various physical and emotional reactions. Sometimes, I felt physical tension, dizziness, or numbness, which could be related to emotional blockages. Initially, it was frightening and confusing, but at the same time, it was very liberating and therapeutic. I let the tears flow and surrendered to those emotions. Breathing through different feelings, I realized I wasn’t alone in experiencing them, and they could be transformed. There was no more fear of being surrounded by strangers. In fact, all thoughts receded to the background. Through breathwork, I also discovered resources and solutions within myself that I hadn’t noticed before.

A significant part of my Breathwork experience was the support and sharing within the group. Initially, I felt discomfort in opening up, but I understood that everyone was in the same situation and supporting each other. Raimond’s sessions are a trust-building and safe environment for me to share my feelings and experiences, which has been a crucial part of my breathing process.

After the first breathing session, I also experienced physical changes. My whole body was relaxed, and it felt like after a great massage. Additionally, my sleep quality improved, which was particularly important to me as I previously had sleep disorders. I now sleep deeply and wake up refreshed. Breathing changed my daily life positively; I notice and see the world and surroundings differently.

Overall, the first Breathwork session was a fantastic experience for me.


I have changed, and I see life and things differently.

After Breathing sessions guided by Raimond, I can say confidently that Breathwork has significantly changed my life. I have changed and I see life and things differently. I feel lighter and freer, and I can function better.

Previously, I held many emotions from the past within me, which affected me. Thanks to Breathwork, I have managed to get rid of them. Breathwork has made me bolder, and I trust my intuition more. If I feel something isn’t right, I trust my inner voice and act upon it, regardless of societal opinion. I also interact differently with people around me and my loved ones—I accept them as they are.

Breathwork is addictive. I always feel lightness and in peace after every session, no matter how challenging it is. I am balanced and chill. Breathing has encouraged me not to suppress my emotions but to let them flow and pass. I prefer to look at them analytically now to understand their roots and accept emotions without letting them overwhelm me. This is a significant plus that Breathwork has given me.

Conscious Connected Breathing is a very effective tool for me.

What Raimond conveyed and what I experienced is invaluable to me!

Although I have tried to do Breathwork independently at home, it’s not the same at all as under Raimond’s guidance. He creates a safe environment that helps participants open up and experience deeper transformations. Breathwork is genuinely a very effective and powerful tool.

I am grateful that I trusted my intuition and found my way to Raimond.




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