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Attend and experience a powerful journey into your subconscious mind with the support of group energy. The journey releases repressed emotions and traumas and reduces everyday stress.  

Through Breathwork, you will access answers that will help you make better decisions and enjoy your life more. Your life will be clearer, lighter, and calmer.

Breathwork Circle is for you if you:

  • want to change your life and free yourself from limitations;
  • are ready to dig deep inside and confront the suppressed;
  • are not afraid to show your emotions;
  • know you can relax in the presence of others and work on yourself;
  • don’t need 100% of the attention of a facilitator at every moment;
  • want to be part of a group energy that can help you work on yourself.

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What is Conscious Connected Breathing?

It’s a non-judgmental, safe, and confidential space where we engage with our inner world to become a better and more whole person.

It’s a powerful work with the nervous system, where we use the breath to access stress, emotions, traumas, and other unfinished reflexes that affect our daily lives through the subconscious mind.

As a result of the release, their influence ceases to affect us and we feel light and free again.

What does a Breathwork Circle look like?

We begin with a conversation circle where I will explain what we are going to do and how Breathwork can change your life for the better. I’ll answer any questions you might have before we drop into Breathwork.

Everyone will then set an intention about what they want to achieve through Breathwork. This can be shared with others, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

This is followed by a breathing session, which lasts about 75 minutes. During this time, I will divide my attention among all participants. I will notice if you need any support and will offer it. 

The session will end with a sharing circle and I will give suggestions on what to look out for in the upcoming days and how you can support yourself. The effect of Breathwork will last for several days; during this time, it is a good idea to be gentle with yourself.

What's the charm of group breathwork compared to private sessions?

A group session has a very different atmosphere compared to a private breathing session. The shared energy in the room can help you get in touch with emotions that would otherwise be difficult to access.

With the silent support of other group members, it can be easier to work through some issues.

You’ll find that the dynamics of each circle is different. This, too, is kind of fascinating to discover.

Where do the Breathwork circles take place, and how many people are there?

The Breathwork Journeys take place in Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia.

There is a maximum of 16 people per circle. You can find the Booking Form at the bottom of this page.

My experience as a Breathwork facilitator: 

1:1 private sessions
guided breathwork circles

“It’s pretty amazing what can be accessed just by controlling your breath. After each session, I felt at peace, grateful, and more myself than ever before. There is no hocus-pocus in this practice, it just works!”
– Kerttu Tennokene

“Despite having been a very loved child and having a wonderful and supportive family, I have never (at least that I can remember) felt such a sense of safety and a sense of gratitude, such intensity of feelings. I experienced such strength and power for the first time in my life.”
– Daire Jahnson

Raimond explains thoroughly all the necessary information to make the participant feel safe. Raimond creates a space like a charm, is in the right place at the right time during the Breathwork circle, and guides people safely through their personal journeys. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try it!”
– Madli Allikas

“After just one session, I can control myself better and not lose my temper so quickly. I am calmer and more centered; the world seems a beautiful place. It was a very well-guided journey.”
– Virge Vahesalu

“If your goal in life is to be in a better place and not to be worried daily, as an anxious wreck, then the breathwork works. It’s a real practice that actually brings these changes into your life. You’re so freaking happy that you get goosebumps, shivers go down your spine, and all of your body hair stands up like Christmas trees.”
– Terje Telling

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There are no Breathwork circles happening in English!

If you have a group of friends or team that wants to have a breathwork journey guided in english
just send me an email and we can make it happen.