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Conscious Connected Breathwork is life changing!

Terje Telling – (Success Story)
Content creator, Gym owner, Event host, Stylist

Conscious Connected Breathwork is something that is hard to describe, and I highly recommend you experience it for yourself. After the first session, I was blown away, walking around and thinking how is this possible!? It seems unbelievable that without using any tools, you can enter the deep subconscious level in just a few minutes (just by breathing!).

In just a few months, I have resolved traumas for myself and released so many stuck emotions, fears, and pain. I didn’t even know I had so much of it inside me! Before Breathwork, I believed I was in a much better place with myself. I thought that I had resolved a lot of issues already. I had, superficially, but not on a nervous system level.

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I find it hard to trust people, to let them get close. This is especially true when spiritually naked, as one is during Breathwork practice. Trusting the teacher and facilitator is essential – feeling safe and cared for. With Raimond, trust is easy to come – his warm, sincere, immediate presence and passion for what he is doing throughout the entire conscious connected breathing process will ensure that you are ready to tackle even more challenging issues and work through them with his help.

There is wisdom within us, the answers to our questions, and the power to accomplish great things. But sadly, we are not in touch with ourselves, and there is too much noise around us daily to hear, notice, and feel. 

Breathwork helps us achieve this presence, this connection with ourselves. Not just during the session. I see changes strongly in my daily life.

Priorities fall into place. It feels good and easy to be in my own body. There is a sense of seeing the big picture, clarity of mind. There are many moments when I am a neutral observer rather than someone with emotional outbursts. Surprisingly, situations and people that used to irritate or upset me no longer do. I worry much less and trust life. I let it flow. What happens, happens.

So many little miracles happen in everyday life that sometimes it feels like I’m living in the middle of a fairy tale or a dream.

For me, it’s clearly a LIFE-CHANGING experience. I enjoy being present and in the moment in my everyday life, and it’s just not a buzzword that I know and shout everywhere but don’t experience. In our minds, we mostly live in the past or future. Conscious connected breathing helps us to truly live in the moment.

I have this long-desired peace and harmony that I thought I would achieve only in a very old age.



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