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Feeling lost and don’t know what to do, how to get out of your state, or how to continue?
Feeling desparate, depressed, tired, numb or disconnected?
Feeling constant anxiety, anger, fear, panic attacks, or burnt out?
You have tried all kind of therapies, practices, and meditations but still don’t have any improvement?
Or maybe you don’t know where to start at all?

Take an online consultancy call with me and we will find you a solution.

This is an online consultancy session call.

We will discuss your situation, your state, and where you at.
We will find answers to many questions, there will be lot of education, self-discovery and self-enquiry.
We will be making sense out of all the why’s and find a working solutions for you.


During this session we will figure out, explain and do:

  • What exactly is going on in your body system and mind;
  • Why it is happening in your body system and mind;
  • We’ll map where are you really standing at with what you are experiencing;
  • What effective ways we should use to move on from here;
  • We will do guided somatic practices and you will leave a session with a homework.

By understanding: your state; what exactly is happening within you and why; and understanding functioning of your nervous system – it will bring you more awareness, noticing, and empathy towards self – which are all important to help you move into states of hope, connection, ease, and relaxation.

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How long does the session last and what's the investment?

This session will be held over the zoom call.
Our call will be 60 minutes.
Investment for the call is 225$

(Note that this call is not an online Breathwork session!)

If you have any questions or concerns about the call – send me an e-mail at and
we’ll get all your questions and concerns answered.

You are ready to work with me?

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(Where are you at with your self - what are you struggling with?)
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