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I am calmer and more centered;
the world seems a beautiful place

Virge Vahesalu – (Experience Story)
Project manager, Entrepreneur in Arts

For me, the process is still ongoing, and it amazes me. I would’ve never believed that it was this easy to change your state of consciousness where the body takes over and starts processing.


The first time wasn’t easy for me, and the tolerance limit was quite close. At the same time, I understood how many things were hidden behind the dam, still waiting to be revealed and worked through. Physical pain (in my wrists and knees) and mental pain accompanied me on my journey. However, pain from my soul got released. Physical pain and having no control over my limbs brought on fear. It was as if a demon possessed me. I saw corresponding visions as well.

I was thinking about “When will this end?” during the session. When the session began to end, I understood that I would have to spend a lot of time releasing everything, and I was sad that it was already over. Tears flowed down my face. Before I came out of the session, I felt like a child, a pure soul, fragile – I don’t even know how to describe the feeling. My head spun around, and the connection with the outside world slowly returned.

On the same day, I felt like I had run a marathon in my head and soul. When I got to bed that night, I slept through the night. I was calmer on Monday and felt more fragile than usual. On Tuesday, I still felt exhausted but more complete. Even my metabolism has changed.

Today, after three days, I felt joy, peace, and confidence. After just one session, I can control myself better and don’t lose my temper so quickly. I am calmer and more centered; the world seems a beautiful place.

It was a very well-guided journey.