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My most powerful experience so far has also been the strangest.

Janno Rillo – (Experience Story)
District Manager

I’ve attended Raimond’s breathing sessions quite many times now, and I can assure you that this method works successfully, even on individuals with a more rational worldview like mine. I had tried various breathing techniques before, but with Raimond, I appreciate his ‘gentle’ approach the most. It provides more flexibility to choose my own breathing rhythm, which, at least in my case, proves to be much more effective.

Each breathwork experience has been unique so far. It’s similar to peeling an onion, layer by layer, where the body progressively unwinds with every session. There’s an internal awakening of sorts, where the subconscious brings forth moments, connections, and images that are difficult to experience during regular daily activities. I particularly like the state where the body is so relaxed that it mirrors sleep, and dream-like imagery takes hold. Yet, you’re conscious enough to observe “what is shown” from the sidelines.

My most powerful experience so far has also been the strangest. After this session, it felt like a mundane journey – empty of emotion and substance. ‘The movie didn’t play,’ no threads were woven, and my mind was entirely blank, free from any thoughts which was unlikely of me. This foggy sensation lingered through most of the evening.

How deceptive the human mind can be! 🙂 It wasn’t until the next day that I realized, contrary to initial impressions, I had ventured much farther and deeper on this voyage compared to previous instances. It wasn’t until the following day that I began to recall the patterns playing before my eyes and the images of a door I attempted to pass through, yet it remained steadfastly closed. Then it dawned on me that, concerning the door, an inner voice seemed to have addressed me. This voice, in my own tone, conveyed that I wasn’t prepared for what lay beyond. Gradually, some time later, I recollected that the door and its accompanying voice had emerged after a state similar to panic that I had felt a little earlier where I felt myself descending into a dark abyss, compelling me to wake myself from it to momentarily break free.

While I do not believe particularly in esotericism, I hold the belief that imaginative images or dreams don’t spontaneously come from nowhere. There must be a narrative preceding them, serving as the foundation for our brains to craft an ‘adventure film.’ This was my experience as well – there were more specific details involved, but this ‘film’ helped me to take some important intermediate steps within my self-development journey, so that I could move on from there with a clearer perspective. 

I’m grateful to Raimond for making it all possible!