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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

  1. How frequently can I practice Conscious Connected Breathing?
    There are no limits to CCB (Conscious Connected Breathing). You can practice as often and as much as you want to – every day if you wish.


  2. How often should I practice Conscious Connected Breathing to feel a proper change in my life?
    After just one session, you may start feeling the impact on your life. I have observed that the first fundamental changes start happening between the 4th and 6th sessions. For more significant changes, consider having ten guided breathwork sessions. Ultimately the number of sessions depends on the level of change you want to bring to your life and how much deep work you’re willing to do. Sometimes it may also take more time to go through the protection mechanisms.


  3. How intensive is Conscious Connected Breathing?
    Conscious Connected Breathing is the most intensive breathing practice I have ever encountered. It can be an intensive experience on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Some who have taken part in this Breathwork practice have compared it to hallucinogenic experiences.


  4. What is the difference between Conscious Connected Breathing, Breathwork, Breath Journey, and Breathing therapy?There isn’t much difference. These are just different ways that people are calling the same thing. Indeed, the concept of breathwork has recently been used in relation to other breathing practices/pranayamas, too.


  5. Do I have to speak or share anything during the group circles?
    No, you don’t have to. The sharing circle at the end of the breathwork journeys is entirely optional.


  6. Do I have to talk about anything during the private session?
    No, talking about yourself is not mandatory or necessary to get the benefits of breathwork. However, speaking allows us to connect with (bring to the surface and make visible) what we are hiding, and it helps us deal with more specific issues while in the session. It helps us to target what we wish to resolve in the body and nervous system.


  7. Are the Conscious Connected Breathing experiences always the same?
    No. The experience is different for each person and each time.


  8. Is it possible to breathe incorrectly during the session?
    No. During the breathwork process, the pattern, depth, and speed of our breathing vary anyway. It is normal. I will monitor your breathing pattern throughout the session and correct it if necessary.


  9. Is it possible that C.C.Breathwork is not going to work for me?
    C.C.Breathwork always works. The more and deeper we breathe, the greater the activation. The less and quieter we breathe, the lower the activation. However, out of 4000+ sessions, there have been only a few who have said that they experienced nothing.


  10. Has it ever happened that someone participated in Breathwork and experienced absolutely nothing?Yes, it has happened a couple of times. Some people have experienced nothing because they refused to breathe and simply laid on the ground during the session.


  11. Can I do Breathwork independently at home?
    Yes. However, the international standard recommends at least ten facilitated sessions before starting doing breath journeys on your own. During that time, you’ll get to experience different intensity levels of Breathwork. This way, you are better prepared and able to get yourself out of the process if something intense should happen while practicing it alone at home. In general, your facilitator can advise you when you can start practicing CCB independently at home because he knows your ability to go through the process.


  12. Do I have to think and remember the things I want to process?
    No. The magic of Breathwork lies in the fact that we don’t have to think about the things we want to release and heal in ourselves. Our subconscious mind decides and does it for us.


  13. I don’t feel any difference in myself after the first session. How to understand it?
    Sometimes it is the case that changes begin to take place only after a few sessions. Other times, our nervous system has sturdy defense mechanisms that take a few sessions to work through.


  14. I couldn’t feel any of my emotions. Does it also mean that I didn’t release anything?
    No. Release doesn’t only occur as emotions, but also as physical sensations in the body. When we feel, hot/cold waves, tingling sensations, etc. then something is definitely being released from the nervous system.